How A Personal Loan for Medical Emergency Helps You Manage Huge Medical Bills with Ease?

We live in a world where health issues arising from lifestyle-associated disorders and medical emergencies are a common sight. A medical emergency doesn’t leave you with much time and thought to plan your next course of action, and what you choose to do within the next few hours is directly related to the outcome. When faced with such a trying situation, getting timely access to the right medical care and adequate finances is the key to survival.

While you can manage to get the best medical care for your family, running short of finances at such a crucial moment is a frightening thought for anyone. Health insurance only covers limited ailments and costs, leaving a huge financial burden on the family to cope with.

However, a personal loan for a medical emergency allows you instant access to funds to combat the situation at hand. Taking the right decision at the right time is important, and it’s a wise move to choose a medical emergency loan for instant funds requirements during stressful times.

Compared to health insurance, a medical emergency loan empowers you to get a high-value loan amount (up to 10 lacs) following an easy online medical loan application process, relaxed eligibility criteria, and minimal documentation requirements.

Besides, a medical emergency loan amount is adequate to cover expenses arising out of recovery, rehabilitation, and loss of income during recovery. Before digging deep to know the essential features of a medical emergency loan, it is essential to know the eligibility criteria and documents required to apply for one.

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Medical Loan Eligibility Criteria

For convenience and easy access, medical loan eligibility criteria are relaxed and easy to meet for most of us. Here are the eligibility conditions you’d be required to fulfill to apply for a medical emergency loan:

  • You need to be a residing citizen of India.
  • You must be between 25 and 58 years of age while applying for a medical emergency loan.
  • If you’re a salaried professional, you should be employed with your current company for a minimum of 6 months and have a total professional experience of 12 months.
  • Your minimum monthly income from all sources should be equal to or greater than INR 20,000.

Documents Required to Avail of a Medical Emergency Loan

Living in the digital era where we’re constantly pressed against time, it is challenging to gather a pile of paperwork to apply for a medical emergency loan. A medical emergency doesn’t leave you with adequate time and the right frame of mind to go through unnecessary paperwork. At Clix Capital, we understand and empathize with our customers.

Our medical emergency loan requires just a few essential documents to go with your medical loan application. You’re required to share the digital copies of the following to apply for a personal loan for a medical emergency:

  • A completed online loan application form
  • Identity proof
  • Address proof
  • Income proof
  • Passport size photograph

Once you’re done sharing the above documents for online verification, you can sit back and relax. Our verification team carefully and quickly checks the documents for necessary details and reverts you within a few moments with the outcome. At no point in our fully-digitized medical loan application process, you’d be asked to present a hard copy of any documents or physically visit the office.

Manage Large Medical Bills with Ease with a Medical Emergency Loan

Applying for a medical emergency loan is easy and serves as your best bet to obtain funds to address the huge medical bills at hand. Here’s why obtaining a medical loan helps you sail through the stressful times without any financial worries:

  • Addresses Your Urgent Financial Needs Quickly

When you’re faced with a medical emergency, every second counts; you need to gather your act together and arrange for funds quickly to provide the best medical care for your loved one. With urgent financing requirements on your mind, a medical emergency loan online comes to your mind. The process for a medical loan application is easy, quick, entirely online, and can be done anywhere, anytime, within a few minutes.

You need to fill the form, furnish a few required documents, and you can get approved for an instant medical loan within a few minutes (following successful loan application approval).

  • Helps You Draw Ample Funds to Support Various Medical Procedures

Whether you need finances to support the hospitalization expenses, rehabilitative treatment, the loss of income during ailing days, or diagnostic investigations not requiring hospitalization, a medical emergency loan offers you instant funds up to 10 lakhs to address the medical bills. The medical emergency loan amount doesn’t restrict its end-use, leaving the borrower free to use it to their wisdom and needs.

  • Lets You Repay at Your Convenience

With a long repayment window ranging from 12 to 48 months at a competitive interest rate, repaying the medical emergency loan from Clix Capital is a breather. While in the initial stages of your medical loan application, you can opt for a customized repayment tenure that matches your requirements and budget. Also, you can pre-empt your estimated EMI with a personal loan calculator to help you choose the right repayment duration based on your choice of EMI amount to be paid each month.

  • Follows a Paperless Process & Easy Eligibility

A medical emergency loan from Clix Capital is based on an easy-to-understand and transparent eligibility criteria without any hidden clauses or conditions. We believe in a seamless and worry-free loan approval experience for our customers. Our fully-digitized, paperless medical loan application process is a huge plus for everyone.

You need to submit digital copies of a few essential documents while submitting your loan application. We don’t require submitting any documents in physical form at any stage of the loan application process.

Now that you are aware of the fantastic benefits of a medical emergency loan, it is clear that a personal loan for a medical emergency is your best bet in times of crisis. To ensure you can obtain the instant funds you need in an emergency without any hassles, be sure to keep your credit score above 630+ and check this space for pre-qualified personal loan offers.

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